grilled fennel salad


well i thought i’d explore fennel a different way this time… grilled! i think i liked it better raw even though it’s a bit licoricey, but i need to invest in a slicer. so here it is:

grilled fennel salad

fennel – sliced as thin as possible
baby spinach – washed and dried
orange cherry tomatoes – sliced
cucumber – sliced
red onion – just a few slices
olive oil
fresh mint leaves
salt + pepper
apple cider vinegar

step 1: the grilling
heat up a cast iron pan and drizzle some olive oil on top. place the fennel as slices on the pan and grill on each side until wilted and crusty brown.

step 2: the salad dressing
whisk a spoonful of mustard and honey together with a couple splash of apple cider vinegar. whisk in some olive oil. add more honey or apple cider vinegar depending on taste.

step 3: the salad
mix the dressing in with the baby spinach first. then layer in the sliced cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.

step 4: the fennel topping
place the fennel in a bowl and drizzle with some olive oil. add salt and pepper to your heart’s desire! chop up the mint leaves and mix those in with the fennel. place this mixture on top of the salad and there you go!


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