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this actually came out a whole lot better than i thought. but it did take some work. try it out, vini seemed to really like it and had 2 heaping servings! ingredients: 1 1/2 lbs or .6 kgs of stewing beef cut into 1 in cubes 4 cups of beef stock 2 cups of water […]

sideways face


hrmph. :/… both for my horrible lomo prints and for my long awaited week. this is the last week of myspace. it’s starting to set in at bit. i’ve been waiting for this for so long, even the 4 days away seems surreal. it’s really weird to not have anything lined up. and surprisingly I’m […]

this was dinner tonight. inspired by the zucchini strand spaghetti from smitten kitchen. but a completely different flavor… the only things in common are zucchini and spaghetti really. this is a very quick and easy, light spaghetti dish that i’ve altered from my lemon fettucini with sundried tomatoes. hope you like it! ingredients: 3/4 lb […]

he’s been craving madeleines for about a year now.  i used to get them at starbucks in college because my boss liked them and we’d share a pack. it occured to me today that my uncle – who we don’t talk to anymore – used to be a french pastry chef and would make me […]

okay this recipe is SUPER easy. my mom used to make it for me for breakfast when i had game days. but she always makes hers better somehow, i think it’s just made with extra chinese love. ingredients: fresh rice noodle rolls (you can find these at any asian market, next to the fresh flat […]

the weekend


do you see the sydney opera house in the non-cloud area? it was a bit more clear before i stumbled around for my camera. i haven’t decided which blog to make this – the food one, the design snippets (clearly not this one), my diet one, the wanna-be travel one, the one about my life, […]

my pesto pasta salad is pretty easy. i kinda threw it all together because i had pesto to use up. here it is! ingredients: 1 box/packet pipe rigate pasta (aka large elbow pasta) – i like this kind because chucks can get stuck in it and it hides flavors inside pretty well – cooked al […]