the weekend


do you see the sydney opera house in the sky?

do you see the sydney opera house in the non-cloud area? it was a bit more clear before i stumbled around for my camera.

i haven’t decided which blog to make this – the food one, the design snippets (clearly not this one), my diet one, the wanna-be travel one, the one about my life, or a mix of all of it. so far, the food posts are the better ones 😀

too bad dedicated food enthusiasts, today i bring you a post about my weekend. it was fantastic! spent friday night with some friends over some sushi and beers. saturday was spent as a mallrat at macquarie mall. it was fun… we had american bagel sammiches and tea at the T2 Teahouse. here’s what he ordered:

T2 teahouse scones

i was very jealous but i stuck to my fruit tart. the T2 teahouse is fabulous, pretty much if i were to collect my dishware from home and bought all the ones i wanted from anthropologie, threw it in a shop and served tea, that’s what you’d get.

sunday was city2surf. we decided at 7:15am that we should get out of bed and run this thing. we were very very close to sleeping in, another 30 seconds would’ve done it. well, 1 hour and 37 ish minutes later we were done running. now why did i decide to do this after NOT training for it? i do things like this… i need to figure out why i do stupid things like that…


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