chinese rice noodle rolls with peanut butter


noodle things with peanut butter

okay this recipe is SUPER easy. my mom used to make it for me for breakfast when i had game days. but she always makes hers better somehow, i think it’s just made with extra chinese love.

fresh rice noodle rolls (you can find these at any asian market, next to the fresh flat cut rice noodles most commonly used in seafood chow fun.) *make sure it’s the ROLLS not cut noodles*
peanut butter (smooth works best)
maggi seasoning OR soy sauce
finely chopped fresh cilantro (or coriander)
fresh ground pepper (optional)
toasted sesame seeds (purely for garnish really)
canola oil
sriracha chili sauce (or any other asian hot sauce of your choice)

step 1: fry em up!
you can keep the rice noodle rolls in the fridge for a few days after purchasing and they will be just fine. drizzle some canola oil on a heated sauce pan. (do not use olive oil, it will not taste the same!) lay each roll down and fry on each side until a bubbly layer starts to form and the middle is soft. you can leave them as long as you like until a light yellow brown depending on how crunchy you want the sides. keep in mind that it will get a bit soggy and chewy later the longer you leave it on. plate and you’re done with the cooking!

step 2: the decorating
layer on some peanut butter on each roll. it should be a bit melty and smell absolutely delicious. next put a couple splashes of maggi seasoning OR soy sauce over the place. next comes the ground pepper and sesame seeds – just a little will do! then top with the chopped cilantro/coriander. garnish with some hot sauce on the side and you’re ready to rock and roll.

my mom likes to add a little of that japanese seaweed seasoning, very interesting flavors when it’s the kind that has salty and sweet bits.

hope you like it!


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