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i actually wrote things down in my journal for the first few days so that i won’t forget…. the rest of the days towards the end are a blur though. osaka was such an amazing time, brief but definitely memorable. filled with food and food and food and more food! what more could i really […]

so i’ve decided to repost my japan vacation so that one day i’ll look back and remember what i did! the trip started on september 13th and ended on september 27th. we did osaka – kyoto – tokyo – yugawara – tokyo – osaka. here goes…



for all my birthday wishes! i’m having a fabulous time in japan… i don’t even know where to begin. i plan to repost the daily entries when i get around to having more time to spend on a computer. in the meantime, i’m taking tons of photos and eating lots of random things. more to […]



dear lovely readers, i’m finally going on vacation!!! YAY!! I am leaving for the airport right now…. JAPAN here I come! I hope to update this blog with all my funny food adventures. stay tuned! but if you don’t hear from me… you know I’ll be enjoying myself. 😀 xo, Maggie

i’m not going to lie, it tastes MUCH better with full cream and lots of it. luckily i only had milk which means, yay low fat white sauce! sorta? ingredients: 1/2 lb (8 oz.) of fafalle pasta (you can use any pasta) – cooked al dente (don’t forget the salt in the water!) 2 cups […]

wow yummy. chocolate chip cookies have about a million recipes. the one that comes on the tollhouse chocolate chip bags is actually a really good one. this one however, was altered from martha’s kitchen. these are the thin crumbly yet slightly chewy ones. i don’t really like cakey chocolate chip cookies, if it’s cakey, it […]

sundays mean sleeping in, making breakfast, and work freelance that is! okay, i’ve been avoiding a post on life after myspace, mainly because i kind of don’t really know where to start and i’ve been pretty busy with other things. so 1 week down of being unemployed and it has honestly been the best week […]