sundays are the best



sundays mean sleeping in, making breakfast, and work :/ freelance that is!

okay, i’ve been avoiding a post on life after myspace, mainly because i kind of don’t really know where to start and i’ve been pretty busy with other things. so 1 week down of being unemployed and it has honestly been the best week i’ve had in a long time. it blew past too quickly. my days are filled with running errands, getting things done that i would have never had the time to do and getting inspired for all the many side projects i want to start and finish.

i’ve finalized plans for the japan trip – booked the last hotel, bought the japan rail pass and started to make a list for things to pack. been reading up on the must-sees and planning my nights out in tokyo with a friend from college, blake.

i watch martha stewart daily and even learned how to cut a chicken! also been cooking plenty – as you can see with the increased posts. hmmm i have neglected to go to the gym, surprise surprise! but on the plus side, i have been so incredibly happy with life and everything about it. just a few minor kinks in the way, like staying in the country, finding some form of income, and figuring out what i want to do next… eek! i’ll worry about that later.


One Response to “sundays are the best”

  1. 1 annie

    you’re killing me. i wish i lived near you so i could reap the benefits of all this downtime.

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