kyoto – part 2



my birthday!
we start the day off by attempting to take the bus to the Kinkaju-Ji. we took the subway from the hotel to sanjo-keihan and sat at a bus stop waiting for our bus. we see the bus, and then begin to wave it down like we do in sydney… wrong. we were at the wrong bus stop but a lovely old lady pointed out where we needed to go. finally we made it! it’s on the other side of the city from the hotel so it was quite a journey getting over there. kinkaju-ji was amazing. it had a pavilion covered with gold leafing.


for lunch we discovered omerice. it’s a thin egg omelet with curry rice on the inside, covered with either curry or tomato sauce. wow it was delicious. it was exactly what we needed because the next temple was a good 2k away.

the rock garden.
after lunch we made our way to Ryoan-Ji and ran around the beautiful garden for a while. took a few rest breaks since it was another hot and humid day. but the highlight was the zen rock garden, buying a hello kitty canvas bag from a vending machine, and the gigantic koi fishes.

geishas at nijo-jo

the last sight.
we took a cab to our last place to visit – Nijo-Ji castle. it took a few hours to get around this place. it had 2 moats! as we took the tour of the building, the floorboards creaked but it sounded like little crickets or something. the sign said that they’re made intentionally to make that sound so that they know when ninjas and invaders were in the castle. by the time we were halfway around the palace park, i was pooped! yet we made it out, found some geisha’s on the way out, and decided it was time to figure out what we’re doing for my birthday dinner. we took a train to kyoto station and hung out there for a bit. i climbed the 172 steps to the top of the station building – that was actually a gigantic mall btw! after a good 45 min rest… we are off to dinner.

shakey's pizza
we went to shakey’s!!!! now i know what you’re thinking. we’re all the way in japan and we go to shakey’s?! well, i’ve been living in australia for almost 2 years now, the sight of shakey’s MADE MY DAY! we don’t have shakey’s in oz. if it was a round table pizza i would have had a heart attack from excitement. but shakey’s was amazing, a bit odd because they served curry and rice as well. their salad bar was shredded cabbage and potato salad… there’s a lettuce shortage in japan apparently. but the pizza was just the same, at least the ones that didn’t have anything funky on it. and of course, the mojo potatoes! MmMMmMmmMMmm. happy birthday to me!

shakey's pizza


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