Four Bean Avocado Salad


4 Bean Avocado Salad

So I couldn’t help myself – I had to post this great light bean salad before I forget and get lost in Thanksgiving-land. This one is really quick, simple and incredibly healthy.

1 can of cooked 4 bean mix (contains small kidney beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, haricot/white bean)
(*note* you can just cook individual beans but who has the time to soak beans over night, then boil them, then drain them, then cool them and have them ready for a salad?)
1 small can of sweet corn kernels (you can use fresh here as well)
1 avocado – diced
1 small yellow onion – diced
1 teaspoon of habanero sauce (adjust to your own spice tastes)
2 tablespoons of chopped cilantro
Juice of 1/2 a lime
dash of tabasco (for a different type of spice flavor)
fresh ground pepper
garlic salt

Step 1: Mix it up!
Make sure to drain and rinse the beans first. Throw beans, chopped onions and cilantro in a bowl. Mix thoroughly while sprinkling garlic salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. I like more pepper than salt so I put heaps in! Mix well with a large spoon. Now add in the avocado, squeeze the lime juice over the avocado thoroughly – salt and pepper. Mix very loosely so you don’t smash the avocado.

Step 2: Eat!
That’s it! Eat up!

4 Bean Avocado Salad


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