12 JAN 2009

VANILLA LATTE! I finally got around to switching this blog over to my old one. Well more importantly, the domain! I started this blog a while back to basically vent, share random thoughts, and experiment with WordPress. I didn’t have plans for this to become VanillaLatte (formerly a completely different blog).  The more I post, the more I realize I can’t fight it – this is a food blog above all else and it deserves as much as attention as possible. I’ve merged my blogs, done some editing and voilà… vanilla latte. Adventures in food and travel will be my main focus. So for those of you who have been long time readers – thank you so much for the support! Look forward to some design changes and a lot more recipes!

Why VANILLA LATTE? Well, it’s my favorite coffee drink. And believe me, it’s often done wrong. I don’t get to drink it very often now a days, but

The little history. has been around since 2003. It started out as the personal blog of designer and art director Maggie Ha. Now it’s the dedicated food blog filled with recipes, culinary experiments and gastronomical travel adventures. I hope you enjoy.

2 SEPT 2008

well, it’s been over a year since i started this thing and i have yet to transfer it over to my original domain. it’s okay though, i’ve learned a few things since then. i learned that i love blogging about the meals i make or eat. exploring different ways of making it and not necessarily having to tie it in with design and pretty things. i stopped worrying about the look of it, and started enjoying the taste of it.

so what’s changed. the boy is now with me. i quit my job recently – by recently i mean last week was my last week. i cook more than i listen to music, go to the beach, or run. which is bad news for my body but great news for my taste buds! i am hoping to transfer my food blogs to my domain soon and keep this one as my design, ramblings, travel and misc blog. i’m about to turn 25, the year i’ve always feared, so i guess i’ll be freaking out soon.

13 JUL 2007

hi. it’s been a while since i’ve successfully kept up a blog. so here’s to another one. i hate writing stuff about me and i never write it in a clever way so here’s just some stuff: 23, los angeles former, sydney current, work is my life, so is design, music, the ocean, coffee, pizza, ice cream and reese’s peanut butter cups.

some things i miss in life right now: sleep, surf, my friends and family, good mexican food, free time, reading, dvr, and the boy.


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