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Apologies for the funky stuff going on around the site. I’ve finally gotten around to merging VANILLA LATTE with “another one of these”. Originally, I had started this blog as just a rant space but it’s since turned into my food and travel blog. And it only makes sense for this to be VANILLA LATTE, […]

Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been really busy preparing for Thanksgiving and lots of freelance work to catch up on. And… there’s been some drama at the house. Last year’s Thanksgiving drama was that my dining room table that I had ordered just in time arrived without legs. We ended […]

oops sorry!


I have been pretty busy with quite a few things. work for one thing has been incredibly busy. then I was planning the trip to palm cove/great barrier reef/daintree rainforest. then I was on the trip. and now that I’m back, I’m slowly getting back into the pace of things. I have something planned to […]

sundays mean sleeping in, making breakfast, and work freelance that is! okay, i’ve been avoiding a post on life after myspace, mainly because i kind of don’t really know where to start and i’ve been pretty busy with other things. so 1 week down of being unemployed and it has honestly been the best week […]

sideways face


hrmph. :/… both for my horrible lomo prints and for my long awaited week. this is the last week of myspace. it’s starting to set in at bit. i’ve been waiting for this for so long, even the 4 days away seems surreal. it’s really weird to not have anything lined up. and surprisingly I’m […]

the weekend


do you see the sydney opera house in the non-cloud area? it was a bit more clear before i stumbled around for my camera. i haven’t decided which blog to make this – the food one, the design snippets (clearly not this one), my diet one, the wanna-be travel one, the one about my life, […]

buon giorno!


ciao! come stai? io molto bene! sono andato al festival ultimo fine settimana. okay, that was the extent of my italiano.