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So over this Australia Day weekend my friend Em and I decided to make some impromptu scones when one of the boys said “I’ve been craving scones for weeks!” Random, I know, but it ended up being a great snack/dinner since we had a variety of jams to choose from. It also went along with […]

What to do with leftover turkey! I made a frittata for breakfast – the boys loved it! Unfortunately I still have about 2 containers worth of turkey left… eep! I’ll have to cook some more turkey things. The frittata is really easy to make. It’s basically a fancy baked omelet. Ingredients: 1 cup of cubed […]

Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent photo of this dish. I will have to remake and repost the image. For now, this will have to do… it’s blurry I know… deal with it, it tasted delicious! But before I forgot what I did, here’s the recipe! Ingredients: 4 large sweet potatoes or yams (depending on […]

Now to clarify I can’t really claim it’s the perfect recipe for cooking a turkey, but it’s come out nice 2 years in a row without any complaints. Each time, I freak out about how long it’s taking and worry it’s not going to be done in time for dinner, but it always came out […]

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the bird before it was cut! This is the one shot I snuck in before it was carved entirely. Thanksgiving this year was fantastic. It was my second Thanksgiving, learned a lot from last year, still repeated some mistakes – I always underestimate the time […]

I am generally not a fan of sugar cookies. The ones I usually come across are smothered with frosting or look too cakey. The only sugar cookies I do like are from Diddy Riese in LA, and only because I get the snickerdoodles with cookies and cream ice cream in it. These came pretty good, […]

wow yummy. chocolate chip cookies have about a million recipes. the one that comes on the tollhouse chocolate chip bags is actually a really good one. this one however, was altered from martha’s kitchen. these are the thin crumbly yet slightly chewy ones. i don’t really like cakey chocolate chip cookies, if it’s cakey, it […]