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I know it’s a bold statement, “World’s Best Guacamole”. BUT, if there’s so many places that claim to have the world’s best pizza and world’s best chili burger and world’s best coffee… why can’t I? Actually, it’s probably not the world’s best guacamole – it’s just a damn good traditional guac. And I named it […]

okay this recipe is SUPER easy. my mom used to make it for me for breakfast when i had game days. but she always makes hers better somehow, i think it’s just made with extra chinese love. ingredients: fresh rice noodle rolls (you can find these at any asian market, next to the fresh flat […]

well i thought i’d explore fennel a different way this time… grilled! i think i liked it better raw even though it’s a bit licoricey, but i need to invest in a slicer. so here it is: ingredients: fennel – sliced as thin as possible baby spinach – washed and dried orange cherry tomatoes – […]

i only have time for really crappy photos right now so here they are: i am having camera and lighting issues… ugh

ingredients: bow-tie pasta – boiled al dente with a pinch of salt asparagus-  washed cut into slant frozen peas tomatoes – diced garlic – chopped very fine sweet onion (the yellow one) – diced fresh basil leaves – chopped fine balsamic vinegar olive oil step 1 – the base saute onions in olive oil until […]

day 2 – i’m eating more. but i’m so hungry still. I’ve had about a tub of carrots today. i don’t think i like them anymore. they’re very dry. i think i’ll try to steam them tomorrow. i have a sudden craving for those little vegan cookies that whole foods sells. yup, not going to […]

day 1


so i’m going on a detox. mainly cause i’m a fatass and i’d like to not be a fatass anymore. so here it is, attempt #23094 to do this right – my fit day! so what does this detox consist of? we’ll i’m going vegan again. and i’m not having any coffee. I would like […]