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I know it’s a bold statement, “World’s Best Guacamole”. BUT, if there’s so many places that claim to have the world’s best pizza and world’s best chili burger and world’s best coffee… why can’t I? Actually, it’s probably not the world’s best guacamole – it’s just a damn good traditional guac. And I named it […]

I apologize for the poor photos, I didn’t get a chance to take as many as I wanted… and I had poor lighting. Regardless, the food still tasted great! So Garlic Mashed Potatoes… this recipe is incredibly easy to make. It’s your basic mashed potatoes but I’ve gotten some feedback… people don’t know how to […]

Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent photo of this dish. I will have to remake and repost the image. For now, this will have to do… it’s blurry I know… deal with it, it tasted delicious! But before I forgot what I did, here’s the recipe! Ingredients: 4 large sweet potatoes or yams (depending on […]

So I couldn’t help myself – I had to post this great light bean salad before I forget and get lost in Thanksgiving-land. This one is really quick, simple and incredibly healthy. Ingredients: 1 can of cooked 4 bean mix (contains small kidney beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, haricot/white bean) (*note* you can just cook […]

cilantro green bean salad with a soft boiled egg and a dijon dressing. feels good to get back into cooking. since i’m now putting myself on a diet again, i’m exploring more salads than usual. this salad is intended to have the taste of a garlicy caesar salad once you start eating. ingredients: butter lettuce […]

i’m not going to lie, it tastes MUCH better with full cream and lots of it. luckily i only had milk which means, yay low fat white sauce! sorta? ingredients: 1/2 lb (8 oz.) of fafalle pasta (you can use any pasta) – cooked al dente (don’t forget the salt in the water!) 2 cups […]

for dinner tonight i made a spinach and cheese pie. i actually have been wanting to make this since i had it for lunch at the david jones foodhall a few days ago. this was nothing like the one i had for lunch… it was better! if i do say so myself 🙂 ingredients: 8 […]